Pride Fullmetal Alchemist Powers

Pride Fullmetal Alchemist Powers. Pride's powers allow him to shape and meld the shadows around him, as they are an extension of his true form which resembles a black void with multiple eyes. For the longest time, it seemed like nothing could stop him, and that made all of his scenes tense and scary.

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Knowing half of your life who they were you ended up being fuhrer bradly's assistant. Shadows do not have substance; Pride embodies powers from the other six homunculi, and his true body is an enormous mass of shadows, eyes, and mouths that can destroy or devour everything in their path.

Wrath States That It's The Ultimate Eye That Has Allowed Him To Survive Countless Battles.

Pride affinity selfishness empowerment vanity empowerment capabilities users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. As his name suggests, pride is rather full of himself. Shadows do not have substance;

Some Users May Be Able Draw Sustenance From The Pride Or Even Slow Or Stop Aging.

He would retain this power until his eventual destruction. Pride's powers are stated over and over again to be controlling his shadow in the way it reacts to light. By pride of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers.

It Is Because Of This Eye He Has The Ability To Read And Predict Practically Any Move His Opponent Could Make As Well As The Minute Details And Movements Of His General Surroundings.

As a homunculus, the source of his life and powers is a philosopher's stone made from human souls. Abilities that can be achieved with alchemy provided the alchemist knows how to include: Thinking he had manipulated riza hawkeye

They Are The Absence Of Light.

His usual form is a massive shadow with multiple eyes and mouths, rather similar to father's original form as the dwarf in the flask. Failure empowerment (of others) i̇llusory omnipotence / absolute i̇llusion. With this power, pride could find his human opponents with ease, no matter if he couldn't see them.

For The Longest Time, It Seemed Like Nothing Could Stop Him, And That Made All Of His Scenes Tense And Scary.

He is capable of highly precise perception of details. Working with his father, van hohenheim, alphonse elric traps pride alongside him in a cave where there is no light, and so, preventing the homunculus from using his powers. Knowing half of your life who they were you ended up being fuhrer bradly's assistant.

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