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Yuri On Ice Characters. 12 episodes • 2016 josh grelle as yuri katsuki 12 episodes • 2016 jerry jewell as victor nikiforov 12 episodes • 2016 kristen mcguire as loop nishigori. Yuri katsuki 12 episodes, 2016 jerry jewell.

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This page is for tropes relating to the three main characters of yuri!!! 12 episodes • 2016 jun'ichi suwabe as viktor nikiforov. He is the second russian character introduced.

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An anime adaptation of the dance dance danseur manga produced by mappa ( attack on titan, yuri!! On ice including otabek altin, yuuri katsuki, yakov feltsman, victor nikiforov, celestino cialdini and many more. **let me just put a huge disclaimer right here at the top:

12 Episodes • 2016 Josh Grelle As Yuri Katsuki 12 Episodes • 2016 Jerry Jewell As Victor Nikiforov 12 Episodes • 2016 Kristen Mcguire As Loop Nishigori.

Timeline 1.17.17 (birthdays and ages) this is a ‘live’ document and will change as i watch and rewatch yoi and pick out all the little details i can find. Yuri was raised by nikolai plisetsky (yuri's paternal grandfather), in moscow, russia. Yuri katsuki voiced by josh grelle and 1 other.

Yuri Katsuki 12 Episodes, 2016 Jerry Jewell.

Yuri plisetsky 12 episodes, 2016 kristen mcguire. This timeline is not canon. Characters & voice actors nikiforov, victor main suwabe, junichi japanese plisetsky, yuri main uchiyama, kouki japanese katsuki, yuuri main toyonaga, toshiyuki japanese chulanont, phichit supporting ono, kensho japanese altin, otabek supporting hosoya, yoshimasa japanese minami, kenjirou supporting murase, ayumu japanese giacometti,.

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He Held Out His Phone.

This page is for tropes relating to the three main characters of yuri!!! Emil nekola voiced by justin briner and 1 other. It has everything, from relatable characters to gorgeous figure skating sequences.

Victor Nikiforov 12 Episodes, 2016 Micah Solusod.

Yuri katsuki, victor nikiforov and yuri plisetsky. 12 episodes • 2016 micah solusod ユーリ・プリセツキー, yūri purisetsukī) is a competitive figure skater and one of the main characters of yuri!!!

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